Question 5. How do I create the best product images and descriptions?

Online shoppers don't get to see, touch, feel or smell your product, so the next best thing is a crisp, clear product image. While you shouldn't entirely cut corners on photography, you don't have to hire a professional to get high-quality images. But you should use "a 16-megapixel DSLR camera, decent lighting and a light box." A photo lightbox is a tent-like container with several light bulbs aimed at its interior that photography professionals often use to create well-illuminated images of objects.

Written product descriptions should be short, yet rich with enough interesting details to pique customer interest. Try to use compelling adjectives and phrases that evoke an emotion when someone reads your description, without getting too carried away or taking up too much space. In addition to noting the price, you may want to include product uses, dimensions and other defining characteristics.